Why Gold Investing is a Good Idea

You should invest in gold because of the simple reason that it is not tied to the dollar. Investing in gold can help you protect against the dollar’s imminent collapse and to hedge your portfolio from inflation. You can see gold IRA companies reviews for more information.

The following are reasons why the US dollar is in serious decline and why it is important to invest in gold:

Your purchasing power with dollars will decline as the dollar continues to rise (and the U.S. Government is cementing this with their quantitative easing program).
To protect your home and other valuables against future loss, you take out insurance. When you consider that your purchasing power is being lost every day due to currency devaluation, it makes more sense to insure it.
The insurance you need to protect yourself against the dollar’s shrinking value is silver and gold coins. It cannot be printed or shrinked by the government.
You would need to earn $50,000 every year to equal the $30,000 you started out with to reach the same purchasing power.
To retire with a monthly income of $1.150, which is the poverty level income, it would be necessary to have $250,000 in the bank earning at least 5% interest. Do you have $250,000 in your bank account?
Do you believe that the U.S. unfunded debt, which has been accrued since the Obama administration began, will disappear without any inflationary consequences
What do think the effects of the Obama administration’s attempts to nationalize 18% U.S. gross domestic product by taking control of the health care sector will have on the value of the dollar? Think about the U.S. The U.S. Postal System will provide health care services at a fraction of the cost.
If you believe that future U.S. debt will be half as bad, then it is worth investing in gold. This will protect you from hyper-inflation and accelerating inflation.

You should start investing in gold immediately to maximize your gains, and build as much wealth as you can before inflation explodes. Because there is an international marketplace for gold and silver, the government can’t control them. The dollar can be manipulated however. The government cannot seize silver and gold, but they can be safely held in your hand.

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