Take Your Site to Number One!

The #1 tip for attracting and retaining visitors on your site is “CONTENT.” If this was the case, then you should revise it. Stale websites are worse than old TV series and repeats. More content means that search engines can index your site more easily, and more people will find you. Use this article as new content for you website. Please include an obvious TEXT LINK to it at the bottom AND top. Additional info!

It is possible to find many ways to advertise your blog, or website. I invite you to add them to the comments section.

AdWordsĀ® (and other CPC programs).

The reason I chose this method is that it allows me to reach out directly to other sites and make deals without hunting them down. AdWords (Cost per Click) is one of the most common cpc programs. Select the keyword (search term) to be used to activate your ad and then the maximum price you wish to pay when someone clicks and follows your ad. This allows advertisers of all budgets to create a targeted advertising campaign that is effective without spending a fortune. Google’s calculator can estimate the number of clicks you will receive based upon your keyword selection, daily budget, and maximum bid. To see how you do, I recommend playing around with keywords and CPC. You can pay too much or too little per click. Test it. When you raise your CPC by $1, then lower it to $0.01, then in the middle of the range you may find that you are not getting the results you were expecting. It’s not necessary to spend the highest price in order to get the greatest results.

AdWords is a great way to research and compare the ads of other advertisers using similar keywords. Create an advertisement that is different from the others. Your goal is to get traffic on a landing-page (I explain these in more detail later). AdWords never stops because of the constant changes in search terms and web trends. By staying on top your CPC, Ad Quality & Keywords you will gain an advantage.

Direct Ad Space

It is possible to increase your traffic and brand recognition by purchasing advertising space from websites closely connected with the site or products you are selling. Do your research on the website in question and confirm that the ads will be delivered. You can save money by converting these ads properly. In cost per impression, you are usually charged a flat fee for certain numbers of displays. For example, you might pay $1.00 per 1000 impressions or even $30 for two weeks. Traffic can provide high quality for a reasonable price but is also useless if not handled correctly. There are a few things to keep in mind. Ad placement. Your ad’s placement (Front Page, Link page, Side, Top or Bottom?) You should also find out the number of ads that will be displayed nearby. Depending on the ad’s quality, 2 banners in close proximity can reduce your chance to be clicked by as much as 50%.