Feminine Energy: Taking Charge of Our Own Feminine Energy

The majority of us have been taught to hand over our powers to an unidentified ‘God,’ Goddess or other supernatural being. It was in control of all aspects of our lives. This being made our decisions, and set up tests to determine our worth. The belief that there was no control, no power or worthiness and we had no influence on our lives has been taught. You can get the best guide on image source.

It’s almost as if we are looking for ways to surrender our power. Anything to avoid accepting responsibility for ourselves. If we do not accept personal responsibility, then we can place blame on God, parents, bosses, governments, or other people.

Truthfully, it is we who create our realities.

What we think, feel and focus on is what creates everything in our life. Our focus is the thing we are creating. We are all responsible for the things that happen in our life, regardless of whether we accept this reality.

Collectively, we can create the energy in collective consciousness. This collective awareness creates the power of our governments, cities and countries. The world we live in today is the result of our collective conscious.

We live in a world of separation. Separation is all around us. We are unwilling to acknowledge that it is our thinking that has created our current reality, whether that be the present economic crisis, violence or dis-eases.

This separation is in the interests of those who were in power. They want us to be aware of it and live our lives from this point. The ‘powers that were’ benefit from us feeling this separation and living in the present. The reality they created for us is what we accept blindly.

It is this separation which has developed over the many thousands of years in a patriarchal culture. The past decade has seen violence, conflict and division.

Feminine energies now take over and become stronger. As we move into the Matriarchal Society based upon love, peace and femininity power, it is important to understand that this society will become more organized. Now is the time to let women take over the world. The time has come for both males and females to embrace their feminine power.

Feminine energy is soft, gentle, accepting, and peaceful. Feminine power is both powerful and protective. Consider the protective mother bear. It is impossible to be weak when you are a mother.