American Eagles – Investing In Gold and Silver Coins

Buy gold and Silver Coins are one of the most popular methods to purchase physical gold. Although there are many varieties of silver and gold coins, this article will only be concerned with The American Eagle Coin. Come and visit our website search it on gold IRA broker you can learn more.

Gold Eagles

Congress authorized each coin in 1985. The first coin was minted in 1986. Any remaining material is composed of copper and silver. These elements are used to improve the Gold Eagle’s durability, to resist scratching, marring and other damage that can affect its resale values. Gold Eagles are richly rooted in American history. Their design is based on Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ 1907 $20 gold coin. Reverse depicts a family eagle, which symbolizes family tradition and unity. Coin enthusiasts will usually own a few because it is their main means of storing wealth.

Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles were authorized in 1985 by Congress and first minted by the United States in 1986. Each coin contains one troy-ounce of silver, plus copper. Copper is added to improve the coin’s resistance to scratching. Silver is now more affordable than silver eagles, making it an attractive option for beginners looking to invest in precious metals.

Why American Eagles

Liquidity is an indicator of a investment’s value. Can it be converted easily to cash? You can sell your U.S. Government-backed Gold and Silver Eagles for cash at almost all precious metals and coin dealers worldwide. They can also be legally used as currency. Their face value of one dollar is largely symbolic as Gold and Silver’s markets prices have historically been higher. The United States Government guarantees their weight, purity and content. American Eagles are accepted in major investment markets around the world, much like the US dollar. These can also be added to your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). It is also possible to sell them without having them assayed. These reasons and others are why Eagles are most desirable gold and silver coins. This is why they trade at a premium. Another common strategy is to “walk around” money and store wealth in Gold Eagles. Not to be confused with the many other types of silver and gold coins available. Silver Eagles and gold are highly recognized, and they happen to be my personal favorite way of owning silver and gold.

Where are American Eagles Found?

There are many major dealers that sell Gold and Silver Eagles Coins. You can purchase Gold Eagles in four weights – 1/4, 1/2 or 1 ounce. This allows you to choose the right price for your budget. I suggest that you establish a relationship in your area with 2-3 coon dealers to allow you to pick up the phone to talk to someone when you decide to purchase more silver coins or gold. This will make things much simpler and easier than having to scramble. You should take your time before making any investments.

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